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Green Choice Wool Rug Cleaning Service

No doubt when you bought a beautiful area rug, then probably you spent a lot of money and time to pick the right one item. However, it is very difficult to choose the right piece which suits your living room according to the room theme. Then why would you give very less care and give less importance when it comes to deciding the best and the perfect cleaning service? Why it is so unnecessary for you to completely and carefully clean your rugs? However, it is significant to know that every rug area needs special care to maximize the durability and the beauty of rugs especially in the case of wool rugs.

Moreover, when you select an area rug cleaner, then it is important to give special intention to exactly what kind of people you are going to hire for cleaning your wool rugs.

Wool is a popular fiber for expensive rugs because it is very durable yet very soft. Nonetheless choosing the wrong cleaning solution can cause the dye to run and create color runs in the rug, and, if improperly washed, the rug can shrink. At Green Choice, we will carefully examine your wool rug and formulate the best method to clean your rug based on its condition, weave, and dye. It is important to have a professional rug cleaner who understands how to clean a wool rug correctly and not to use chemicals that would damage the dyes and the best methods to wash a wool rug in a way that would not damage the weave and fiber of the wool rug. Our rug cleaning technicians will clean your wool rug using only eco-friendly green cleansers. You can rest assured that your rug cleaning at Green Choice will be handled by experts, who have decades of wool rug cleaning experience, and will use the best tools to make your wool rug look new again.

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